February 26, 2021

New release: Piggy Pouch pattern

I love this little Piggy Pouch pattern! Several years ago, my (then 6-year-old) daughter requested I make this project. I can’t remember if it was because it would be pink or if she liked the idea of a pig.

Either way, after I created the Piggy Pouch, in an unusual turn of events, I “stole” it from her. Normally, it’s the other way around (she steals projects I make for myself) 🙂

Piggy Pouch - curlicue tail

Who can resist this curlicue tail?!

The Piggy Pouch pattern is almost a one-piece design. It starts with just one stitch (the center of the face) and increases with each round. Next, the short sides are knit, followed by decreases back down to the center of the back.

I-Cord trims out the top opening of the bag, and another i-cord makes up the handle. Never made an i-cord before? Don’t worry! The Piggy Pouch pattern has instructions on how to make it happen.

Next, you’ll add on the ears and nose. You can make adorable facial features to give your pig a unique look!

This pig bag is meant to be knitted out of 100% wool so it can be felted to tighten up the stitches. However, I only did a light felting with my bag as I wanted to retain some of the stitch definition.

And while I could have made the nose and stuffed it before sewing it on, it’s a practical feature. The piggy snout is half-sewn onto the face before adding a zipper to connect both sides. This makes it useful for holding stitch markers, lip balm, or even a secret stash of chocolate! The felted stitches will be tight enough they won’t let anything slip through.

The knit Piggy Pouch pattern is available for purchase on these platforms: