New Release: Coliseum Cowl pattern

You may remember seeing the Coliseum Cowl pattern last month when I released it as a part of the Crochet For Me Lace Bundle. Well, the bundle is no longer available, but now this beautiful cowl is available as an individual pattern! Inspiration for the Coliseum Cowl In this time when it’s hard to travel […]

On the Crochet Hook / Knitting Needle (OTH/OTN) – March 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s on my crochet hooks / knitting needles! I thought this was a good time to do so since it looks like I’m not going to get a pattern published in March. sigh Apparently I over-estimated the amount of work I could get done this year. Mystery project […]

New release: Piggy Pouch pattern

I love this little Piggy Pouch pattern! Several years ago, my (then 6-year-old) daughter requested I make this project. I can’t remember if it was because it would be pink or if she liked the idea of a pig. Either way, after I created the Piggy Pouch, in an unusual turn of events, I “stole” […]

New pattern release: Spike Stripe Washcloth (crochet)

Spike Stripe Washcloth - two varieties

The Spike Stripes Washcloth is a great way to practice the crochet spike stitch.  This crochet stitch is a double crochet (or treble in UK terminology) into the previous row of stitches. It’s what creates the “spike”. In the washcloth pattern, you will be using two colors to make the stitch definitions pop! You can […]